The Adventurer Leagues Code of Conduct

Rules for Conduct and Behavior during
Gameplay (on Roll20) and Chat (on Discord server)

As any long time D&D player can tell you, the “Rule of Cool” is the most basic rule. Same goes here. Keep it nice, civil, & friendly. If you have a question, ask our Admins ( @BBEGs (Admins) ) or Moderators ( @Familiars (Mods) ). Here’s some specific rules to keep in mind:

Harassment & Behavior 
Please note that there are times when a player may disagree with another player or DM about how something is supposed to be done, or the way things are handled. In those situations, if a DM makes a call and you disagree, you can mention it, but if the DM makes a final ruling on it (wrong or right), then that is the end of it. DO NOT continue to argue mid-session. If you feel another player or the DM did not play fairly or cooperatively, message a @BBEGs (Admins) or @Familiars (Mods) after the session and discuss it privately. DO NOT complain about the situation in a public channel. Also, do not harass other people on the server, this includes inappropriate conversation, mean-spirited insults (if you are asked to stop, stop immediately), forcefully telling them how they should play or act, or other behavior that is negative, offensive or hurtful. If you have an issue with another person, settle it privately or message a Mod/Admin.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in being completely banned from the server, removed from all Roll20 games, and characters deleted. This is not negotiable. There is zero tolerance for harassment here, consider this your only warning if you are found violating this rule. The Mods/Admins may choose to enforce a lesser punishment as warranted based on the situation, however, please know we take this very seriously and will not tolerate harassment towards anyone.

In-Game Courtesy
While in Voice Chat during a game or session, it is expected that all players give all other players a chance to speak and do not speak over them, discouraging them from talking or participating. It is reasonable to expect that some players will be more experienced and/or more comfortable when speaking and playing, and tend to “lead” the conversation, and that is perfectly fine. But all players should try to be respectful of everyone else in their session, trying to include them in party decisions and get everyone involved. The @DMs will be doing their best to keep everyone involved and make sure ALL players are heard and allowed to chime in as they are comfortable. It’s easy to overlook or speak over quieter/shyer players, so we should all do our best to make sure we give them an equal chance to be heard (if they want to be, it’s also reasonable that some players prefer hanging back and just playing along, so not mandatory to force them to be more vocal).

No #NSFW Content
What you do in private is cool, but please keep it private. This is an all-ages server, so keep it in mind & keep things safe for work (no posting of nudity, sexual images, real life gore/violence, promotion of hateful speech or behavior, foul language should be kept to a minimum and be respectful of all participants in chat).

Welcoming New Players
Bringing in new players and welcoming people to the server is what we strive to do, make this a place that is inclusive and a welcoming place to come to and play D&D. Everyone is welcome, including people of all race & creeds, and all levels of experience to D&D. Please be sure to encourage inexperienced players along, never put them down or discount them based on lack of experience as some people may have had bad experiences in the past elsewhere. We have a lot of very good people here and I’m proud of this community, so I’d like to think that we can be a unique and safe place for people to come. Treat everyone with respect and let’s help make sure to continue to grow the community and D&D experience for all.

Keep Content In Appropriate Channels
For memes/funny pics/vids/links, that goes in #library-memes-links-media. Pictures & URLs are allowed in the #tavern_generalchat, but they must be relevant to the conversation, no spamming/flooding.

Keep Drama Out of Public Chat
If you have an argument or issue with someone, take it to private messaging. We’re all here to have a good time, but if you let things get outta hand in a public chat, that’s not cool. If you have an issue with another player who’s part of this server, leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone. If you are being harassed or feel there is an issue, please contact an Admin or Mod to help so we can try and resolve any issues.

In Game Spell/Actions/Rulings
For spells, feats, or actions (etc.) that require DM interpretation or where there is no specific ruling (either in the WotC books or sage advice), then the DM does have the right to make a judgment call. If you disagree with the call, you can ask about it and give your reasoning, and let the DM respond with their reasoning. If you still disagree with it, then let it go for now, and bring it up privately after the session. However, always remember to be respectful. Mistakes happen and sometimes you might not agree even afterwards. If you feel a DM is being unreasonable or rude, please contact a Familiar or BBEG.

Our DM’s, Third-Party Games, & Paid Games
The DM’s that we have on our server (recognizable by the Blue DM role their usernames have) all run games here using Roll20 Games we create and oversee. However in the #bulletin-board channel, you may see games listed by other people who are NOT our vetted/approved DMs using private games. Please note this is done as a courtesy to allow more options for how you play. These games are not endorsed or overseen by our server, play at your own consideration.

The Adventure League discord server also does not officially sponsor any paid games. Any games, paid or otherwise, advertised for or run on our server by any DMs without our official DM role, cannot be guaranteed or monitored in any way by TAL staff.

3rd Party Sites & Resources
Links to websites or files that are hosted that are not official content either provided by Wizards of the Coast, or licensed content or SRD (“System Reference Document” the free to use D&D rules and content allowed by Wizards of the Coast) are not allowed anywhere on this discord or in Roll20 game chats. We do not condone any of those sites. Head over to D&D Resources & Links for a few resources that you can look for D&D information, rules, and content (message @JmanX if you have another site you think should be added that uses official content).