The Wandering Realms

The Wandering Realms

A Shared Campaign Online Organized Play System

The Wandering Realms is a shared campaign organized play system for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. In the Wandering Realms the entire multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons is open to explore and play in. Adventurers can travel between the Crystal Spheres to different D&D settings, from the familiar Forgotten Realms, the high-tech Eberron, to Wildemount of the Critical Role world, to even homebrew worlds created by the Dungeon Masters here on The Adventurer Leagues discord server.

The Wandering Realms goal is to unleash the creativity of the Players and Dungeon Masters to create the fun and unique D&D experiences that are rarely found outside private homebrew campaigns, in a simple, & singular, organized game play open to everyone.

The Wandering Realms is more similar to that of Adventurers League. It embraces busy lifestyles, featuring a drop-in/drop-out style of game play. You create a persistent character (your character gathers items, gold, items and levels up as you continue to play) that goes on different adventures.

Player’s characters act like an “Adventurer for Hire” and you get tasked with going off to playing these different “quests”, and so you can play any Wandering Realms game for which your character is the right level. Unlike a traditional campaign with a set group of players & single DM, you may play with different players or different characters, and even different Dungeon Masters each game, and you track your progress across the games.

All the details and info can be found below in the Player’s Guide:
Download: Wandering Realms – Player’s Guide V.2.0
Download: Wandering Realms – Player’s Guide V.2.0 (Reduced File Size version)

How Do I Get Started Playing – A Quick Overview

Step 1: Download the Wandering Realms Player’s Guide (click here)
Step 2: Join The Adventurer Leagues discord server!
Step 2: Create a Character Sheet (check below for instructions)
Step 3: Check #gen-dnd-bulletin-board channel in The Adventurer Leagues discord for upcoming games & sessions
Step 4: Come game time, transfer your character into the DM’s game (if need help message an @BBEGs (Admins) or @Familiars (Mods))
Step 5: After the game, be sure to update your Adventurer Logsheet (check below for instructions)

Creating A Character Sheet:
If you have not yet created an online Character Sheet, it is *HIGHLY* recommended to create one using the website, as this is the website that virtually all games on The Adventurer Leagues discord use to run games (some DMs may use other systems like Foundry, Talespire, Avrae, or even Theater of the Mind). If you have created your character sheet using D&D Beyond, that may be allowed by some DMs, but it’s recommended you import your Character Sheet to Roll20 to have a Roll20 version as many DMs will require this.

If you would like to create a Roll20 Character Sheet, you can do so by joining our “Adventurer Leagues Hall” Roll20 game and can create a Character Sheet there & have a place for you to update them in between games.
– Join the “Adventurer Leagues Hall” on Roll20:
– Once you’ve joined, type in the following in the game chat: !charsheet
– You will find your Character Sheet in the Journal tab (looks like a newspaper icon at the top of the sidebar where the chat is), and then scroll all the way down.
– If you have any issues, please contact an @BBEGs (Admins) or @Familiars (Mods) on the discord.
– If you would like to import your D&D Beyond character to Roll20, once you’ve joined our “Adventurer Leagues Hall” Roll20, you will see a handout in the Journal tab named “D&D Beyond Importer Instructions” that will guide you how to import your character.

You will find the complete character creations rules in the Wandering Realms Player’s Guide. It will include all the rules and steps for creating your character, the rules for advancement, and how gameplay is handled. But here are some basics:

ALL existing Adventurers League legal characters can be copied over to the Wandering Realms with all of your progression, rewards, gold and magic items (check the Player’s Guide for more info & rules)
• All Characters start at Level 1
• You may use *any* of the following resources when choosing your character class, race, and other features and abilities:

Player’s Handbook
Eberron: Rising from the Last War
Elemental Evil Player’s Companion
Explorer’s Guide to Wildermount
Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica
Locathah Rising
Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes
Mythic Odysseys of Theros
Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
The Tortle Package
Volo’s Guide to Monsters
Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

• Characters can use a Standard Array of: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 to assign their ability scores to, or use the Variant: Point Buy System as detailed in the D&D Player’s Handbook.

Character’s Adventures Logsheets:
Players are required to log their adventures that their characters participate in. This must be must be publicly shared, as DMs may wish to check your logs to verify character information, progression, and items.

We recommend using to keep track of your adventures (Wandering Realms logs are compatible with Adventurer Leagues logs, so you can use them for Wandering Realms as well).

Also, you can use any offline log of your choosing, or create your own logsheets online (like with Google Docs) that include the following information noted for each adventure you play:

Character Details:
• Name
• Race
• Class(es)/Level(s)
• Downtime Days
• Factions
• Alignment
• Faith/Patron (optional unless you’re a cleric/warlock)
Adventure Details:
• Name of the module
• Tier
• The DM’s Discord name
• How long you played
• Gold & Downtime earned
• Any magic items/consumables, character advancement, and story awards received.

If you have additional questions that are not answered above, or in the official documents, you can ask in #dnd-questions in the Adventurer Leagues Discord and you should receive a quick answer from your fellow players and DMs. You can also tag a @Wandering Realms Admin for help and clarification!

Calling All Dungeon Masters!

Have you been looking for a way to run your homebrew game or one-shot, or finally get to run a game set in Ravnica or Eberron? Tired of being restricted to private servers and limited player bases? Come join The Wandering Realms and DM with us here on The Adventurer Leagues Server!

If you are interested in DMing using the Wandering Realms system to share your games with the players, please be sure to Private Message any of the Staff here: @BBEGs (Admins).

DM’s earn special rewards in the Wandering Realms for their characters, including unlocking special character options like the Oathbreaker or Death Cleric subclasses from the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, or The Gunslinger & Bloodhunter classes by Matthew Mercer, as well as being able to award advancement rewards and magic items to their own Wandering Realms characters.

The Adventurer Leagues discord also has special DM Rewards available for members who run games here, including digital & physical rewards, ranging from custom server emoji, exclusive roles, up to free metal dice sets, D&D hardcovers, and even a custom miniature from!

Get Started Now!
Download: Wandering Realms – Dungeon Master’s Guide V.2.0
Download: Wandering Realms – Dungeon Master’s Guide V.2.0 (Reduced File Size version)

What is The Adventurer Leagues website & Discord server?

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This website ( is the informational hub for the Discord server with information regarding games being played currently and additional resources.

To join in on the fun, please join us on the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server (Discord is a text & voice chat program/app, you can download here if needed).  You will need to join the Discord server in order to message DMs and join games.  All chat and Adventurer’s League games and info can be found there.

How to Use Discord?

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ALL games will be played using, which is a website that allows for online Dungeons & Dragons play.  You will need a Roll20 account in order to participate and play the Adventurer Leagues games.  For any questions or issues, please join us in the The Adventurer Leagues Discord server.