TavernCon IRL 2024 Announced!

TavernCon IRL 2024 – July 19-21, 2024 – Chicago, Illinois

TavernCon IRL is our yearly “convention” event where we meet up in person at a different city to play D&D and spend time with good friends in person, while enjoying the unique attractions the featured city has to offer.

This year, we’re heading to the “Windy City”, Chicago, Illinois the weekend of July 19th through 21st.  We’ll be staying at The Freehand Hotel and will be announcing a whole weekend of events and activities soon!

The Freehand Hotel, 19 E. Ohio Street, Chicago Illinois 60611

  • The Freehand has a wide range of room options to fit your travel budget. You can reserve a luxe suite for or a bed in a hostel-style dorm for a less expensive alternative, with several tiers in between to fit your budget… including quad-bed rooms to split with friends.
  • We won’t be making a group reservation; that discount is no better than the always-on Early Bird discount. Make sure to reserve early enough for the special rate!
  • Pets allowed at The Freehand with one-time fee; paid parking by third party vendor catty-corner to the hotel.
  • Midway (Southwest Airlines hub) and O’Hare (American Airlines hub) are both good options for flying.
  • Please let know if you have financial limitations about participating in TavernCon IRL, and he will work with you to find a solution. We Want You to Come Join Us! Let us know if we can help find a way to make it work!
  • Let a @BBEGs (Admins) (on Discord) know if you plan to attend, and we will add you to the text channel for planning.

TavernCon IRL 2024 - Chicago, Illinois